Advanced Foundation Repair for Homes in the Greater Atlanta Area

Advanced Foundation RepairWhen you require advanced foundation repair to protect your Atlanta area home from further damage, disastrous flooding, and significant hassle, the experienced team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help. With more than three decades of combined experience in foundation inspection, restoration and repair, our foundation contractors have the expertise to handle nearly any job.

In central Georgia, advanced foundation repair is quite common because of the region’s soft Piedmont soil and frequent precipitation. Over the years, the saturated soil below a home’s foundation can gradually wash away, causing the concrete foundation to shift and resettle. This movement leads to cracks in the foundation and walls, which make the home susceptible to basement flooding and other costly problems.

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we handle advanced foundation repair with a methodical approach. We offer complimentary inspections of any cracks and holes that our customers discover in their foundation to determine whether the problem is simply an aesthetic one or if there is a problem within the foundation itself.

If it is determined that advanced foundation repair may be required, we refer our clients to a third-party engineer to get a second opinion. We understand that it can be stressful to learn that you need foundation repair, so we want our clients to be comfortable with our recommendations, understand the necessary repairs, and be actively engaged in the whole process. If the engineer confirms that foundation restoration is needed, he or she will assist in creating a comprehensive repair plan.

Once the repairs begin, our talented team of foundation contractors works as quickly and efficiently as possible to limit the interruption around your home. Our foreman will also walk you through each step of the repairs and inform you of the timeline for completion. After we finish, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect our work to ensure that everything meets your satisfaction.

To learn more about advanced foundation repair for Atlanta area homes and to schedule a free consultation and assessment, call today.