House Foundation Repair in Atlanta, GA: Preventative Measures to Keep Your Home Strong & Stable

Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the experience and knowledge to restore your foundation to its strongest condition. With over 30 years of combined experience, we have seen a variety of factors contribute to the downfall of foundations. However, even when foundations are built correctly on sturdy soil, it is important to maintain your foundation to avoid costly house foundation repair in the future.

Common Causes of Foundation Problems

There are several causes of foundation problems, including excessive rainfall around the base of your home, poor drainage, poorly placed flower beds or trees, landscape planting, over-watering, air conditioning unit condensation, a climate that varies between hot and cold, non-uniform moisture loss, plumbing line leaks, and much more. But there are also many things you can do in response to these things to maintain your foundation.

Evaluate Your Home Regularly for Foundation Issues

Just as a roof needs regular maintenance checks and occasional repairs, your foundation should be evaluated periodically to ensure it is safe and healthy. Inspect the perimeter of your house for cracks, and be especially vigilant during dry or humid periods. During dry spells, the soil around your foundation should be watered to maintain a relatively constant level of moisture. Likewise, during wet periods you should make sure water is not pooling within five feet of the base of your foundation. By making sure the moisture level around your home is consistent with the moisture level of the foundation, you can prevent cracking and breaking.

It is also important that you have trustworthy residential foundation repair and waterproofing contractors who can provide you with regular inspections and prompt service if you need repair for your foundation. By keeping in contact with Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we can respond to your needs promptly. Any cracks in your windows or door frames can be evaluated immediately to determine whether house foundation repair is necessary.

For house foundation repair that is reliable, affordable, and completely effective, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. You can call us at the office at 678.290.1325.

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