How Do You Waterproof a Basement?

Interior of a basementDespite the measures that builders take to waterproof basements, a house can settle over time, creating cracks in the basement walls. When the soil outside becomes saturated, water can seep through these cracks. Even structurally sound basement walls can absorb water from the soil and transfer it to the basement’s interior. As the water from the walls evaporates, the air in the basement becomes more humid. If left unaddressed, high humidity and constant moisture can lead to a host of problems such as mold growth and musty odors that permeate the entire home.

DIY Waterproofing

Depending on the cause of the moisture problem, a simple do-it-yourself repair could serve as an effective method of basement waterproofing. To get started on the right foot, make sure that you:

  • Determine the source of the water – Concrete is porous, which means you can often see wet streaks that indicate where the water is coming in. Look for streaks along cracks, at the corners of windows, between mortar joints, and around pipes where they enter or exit.
  • Fill cracks with hydraulic cement – Hydraulic cement contains additives that cause the cement to expand and set rapidly. Mix it with water to a puttylike consistency and then press it into cracks with gloved fingers or with a putty knife. As hydraulic cement expands, it pushes deep into cracks and crevices to form a watertight bond.

Basement Waterproofing Services From an Experienced Contractor

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we provide interior basement waterproofing services for commercial and residential properties throughout the metro Atlanta area. Our waterproofing services include drainage system installation as well as crack and window sealing, leaving homeowners with a basement that’s guaranteed to be dry. For more information about our services, contact ESOG today.

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