How Long Does Polylifting Last?

Cracks in a residential concrete sidewalkWhen you hire a contractor for home repair, you want a long-term fix. This also holds true for specialized services like concrete leveling. In recent years, polylifting has become the preferred method of leveling concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, and stoops for several reasons, due to the fact that it’s a long-term fix.

Concrete slabs rely on well-compacted soil as a foundation, but over time erosion, soil decomposition, and groundwater migration breaks down this foundation, causing slabs to sink or settle. Polylifting solves the problem by injecting a lightweight polyurethane foam into loose soil, voids, and water pathways, strengthening the ground so that it provides the support the slab needs.

Why Polylifting Is a Long-Lasting Solution to Sunken Concrete

Unlike the cementitious grout used in mudjacking, the traditional concrete lifting method, polyurethane foam does not break down over time. Moreover, once cured, it’s impervious to erosion, chemicals, insects, and underground rodents, making it a better long-term solution. As for the support the foam provides, 1 square foot of cure polyurethane foam can support a load of more than 10,000 pounds.

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