How to Properly Install a Sump Pump Drain System

Sump Pump Installation Marietta GAA sump pump can be installed to remove rain and ground water that has accumulated in collection basins that are typically installed in the basements of homes. It is a valuable investment for homeowners, but DIY installation is typically not recommended. The process requires specific skills, tools, and experience, and it’s likely in your best interest to leave the installation in the hands of trusted professionals. Here is what to expect when you have a foundation repair and waterproofing company install your sump pump.

First, a member of the foundation repair and waterproofing team will likely visit your home, examine any existing foundation problems you have, and complete any necessary measurements. After taking down this information – and more – the team will likely come up with a solution that is right for your home. Proper installation of a sump pump system requires several steps.

  • Digging and drain pipe installation – The waterproofing specialists will likely start by installing a drainage channel around the edge of the basement floor and a drainage hole in a corner where the walls meet the floors. Then, they will install the drain pipe.
  • Sump pump installation – Then, the sump pump is installed into the hole, inside the sump pump liner. Everything is hooked up and prepared for finishing.
  • Floor patching and finishing – Gravel and mortar are used to cover the drain tile around the basement perimeter, and the area around the sump pump is patched too.
  • Power the system – The waterproofing specialists will then likely install a circuit that will power your sump pump. The receptacle is typically placed on a nearby wall.
  • Install exterior drain line – Lastly, an exterior drain line is installed to finish carrying water from your basement to safely outside your home.

Sump Pump & Waterproofing Systems from Engineered Solutions

As mentioned, this process is best left to the professionals, and that’s where Engineered Solutions steps in. We can install sump pumps and other basement waterproofing systems to help keep your home dry and safe. We have an experienced team and offer exceptional customer service.

For more information about sump pump installation in the Marietta, GA, area, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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