Professional Interior Waterproofing for Homes in Roswell, GA 

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we understand the serious consequences of home water infiltration. Whether it’s the growth of mold, a pervasive musty smell, or costly structural damage, the longer water is left to pool in a basement, the more severe the consequences. That’s why, since 2006, we’ve been providing residents of Roswell, Georgia with interior waterproofing services. With our team’s 150 years of collective experience, you can trust that you’re in the best of hands to help you avoid the hassle and expense of water damage repair. 

What Does Interior Waterproofing Involve? 

As part of our interior waterproofing for basements and crawlspaces, the ESOG team offers: 

  • Sump pump installation service – If your home is in a flood zone, or if you’ve been experiencing a lot of water infiltration, a sump pump system may be the best method of basement waterproofing as it can effectively remove a large amount of standing water quickly. 
  • Polyurethane injections – This technique is used to seal cracks in the foundation slab and walls to prevent groundwater from getting inside your home. Polyurethane injections are suitable for addressing smaller cracks but may not be the best option for larger structural issues. 
  • Channel drains – A channel drain is a covered trough that’s installed under the floor of the basement along the wall to collect any water that seeps in through the foundation. The water is then re-routed through the channel drain away from the home’s foundation. 

We Also Offer Exterior Waterproofing Services 

Unlike our interior waterproofing solutions, exterior basement waterproofing requires excavation of the soil outside of your home’s foundation. Once the outside foundation wall is exposed, we clean the wall, repair any cracks, and install a waterproof membrane to prevent water from entering your basement. For more information about our waterproofing services in Roswell, GA, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. 

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