Interior Waterproofing Services for Virginia-Highland, GA, Homes

Interior of a basementThat musty odor in your basement you’ve been trying to ignore? Don’t ignore it any longer. It’s probably caused by water that has seeped into your basement. If you leave that issue unchecked, it’s only a matter of time before unpleasant smells begin to permeate the rest of the home. Your problems could worsen, unfortunately, because water incursion can lead to several other problems including mold growth, wood rot, and even costly structural damage. Luckily, with interior waterproofing services from Engineered Solutions of Georgia, those will never be problems at your Virginia-Highland, Georgia, home.

What Does Interior Waterproofing Involve?

As part of our interior waterproofing for basements and crawlspaces, we install sump pump systems that can protect your home and possessions from water damage by quickly removing large amounts of water. Our reliable sump pump system will catch the water that seeps inside your basement or crawlspace and direct it back outside or into a drain line. We usually install these durable pumps underneath a basement floor or the floor of a crawlspace. The system features:

  • A primary pump that can remove more than 2,000 gallons of water per hour
  • A battery-powered backup that can operate normally in the event of a power outage
  • A much quieter operation than conventional systems
  • Lids that can be easily removed for cleaning

Learn About ESOG’s Other Waterproofing Services

With more than 16 years of industry experience, ESOG offers interior basement waterproofing to local homeowners. To learn more about our waterproofing services in Virginia-Highland, GA, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

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