Poly Lifting vs. Mudjacking: Which Concrete Leveling Option Is Better for Your Smyrna, GA, Home?

Mudjacking Smyrna GA

As you research options for repairing your sagging concrete, you may have likely come across frequent listings for mudjacking services. In the United States, mudjacking has been the traditional ground remediation method for many years. It entails drilling large holes into the sunken concrete slab and then pumping in a cement-like grout mixture to fill the empty spaces in the soil beneath the concrete. Poly lifting is similar in function, but instead of a cement-like grout, it’s an expanding polyurethane foam that fills the voids and helps to lift the sunken concrete. This method requires smaller drill holes, which results in a cleaner process, and the cure time for the foam is only about 15 minutes. When you consider that poly lifting is a more effective method in the long run, you’ll understand why Engineered Solutions of Georgia recommends poly lifting to homeowners in the Smyrna, Georgia, area.

Why Poly Lifting Makes for a Better Long-Term Solution

The cementitious grout used in mudjacking is prone to erosion and can wash away over time, causing driveway or sidewalk to sink again. With poly lifting, however, the polyurethane foam is impervious to erosion. Those voids that it filled beneath your walkways or porch will stay filled, providing solid support around your home. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we back our poly lifting services with a comprehensive warranty.

Honest Solutions

As a foundation repair company committed to delivering honest solutions, we believe that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That means, first, any solution we devise will be based on providing the most cost-effective repair specific to your foundation and soil conditions in Smyrna. Secondly, if you can easily address your problem without having to pay for our services, we will certainly tell you so. For more information about our poly lifting services, contact Engineered Solutions today to schedule a consultation.

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