Polylifting: A Fast Way to Level Sunken Concrete

Cracked and sunken concreteHistorically, a process known as mudjacking has been the standard method for lifting sunken concrete slabs. It entails drilling holes in the concrete and pumping a cement-like grout under the sunken slab to raise and level it. In recent years, however, another process called polylifting has emerged as the preferred concrete-lifting method. Not only is polylifting cleaner and less invasive, but it’s also a lot faster than mudjacking. Ultimately, polylifting yields superior results.


Polylifting Is a Lasting Ground Remediation Solution

Like mudjacking, polylifting injects a substance underground to lift concrete, but polylifting uses a polyurethane foam. The holes needed for injecting the foam are smaller than the holes needed for traditional mudjacking, which is why polylifting is less invasive. Also, whereas the grout used in mudjacking takes a full day to cure, polyurethane foam cures within 15 minutes, reducing the wait time before walking or driving on the lifted surface. Once the foam has hardened, it becomes water-resistant, so it won’t erode like grout often does.


Turn to ESOG for Polylifting Services

Since 2006, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has been providing homeowners with expert geotechnical services, including polylifting. Our geotechnical company has more than 15 years of experience and we take a scientific approach to ground remediation. To learn more about our polylifting services, contact ESOG today. We offer complimentary consultations that include a no-obligation estimate and back our polylifting service with a five-year warranty.

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