Pressure Grouting Services Available for Homeowners in Dunwoody, GA & the Surrounding Areas

Pressure Grouting Dunwoody GAThe entire Dunwoody, Georgia, area is plagued by soils that are loosely packed and weak. These loosely packed soils can shift suddenly or collapse, which can cause a variety of foundation problems for homeowners. Sudden shifts can cause uneven floors, foundation wall cracks, and a number of other issues that may require extensive – and expensive repairs. One way to strengthen and shore the soils is a geotechnical service known as pressure grouting. Also known as compaction or permeation grouting, this service is one of the most popular in the area, and Engineered Solutions is the company to count on when it comes to strengthening ground soils.

Why Choose Pressure Grouting from Engineered Solutions

When you turn to Engineered Solutions for pressure grouting services, you can expect a long-lasting solution. We’ll directly inject grout into the ground beneath your home that we have deemed as problematic. The grout will fill in the spaces, solidify, strengthen the soil beneath your home, and improve its overall load-bearing capacity.

You can rest easy when you choose us to perform this service. That’s because we offer:

  • An experienced design-build team that has explicit knowledge on Southern geology and completed numerous pressure grouting projects for satisfied customers throughout the Dunwoody, GA, area
  • Free foundation inspections that allow our team to get a better understanding of the problems plaguing your property’s soils
  • Workmanship warranties that help to protect your investment and provide peace of mind knowing that your pressure grouting project is in the hands of trusted, accountable professionals

For more information about the pressure grouting services that we offer to homeowners in Dunwoody, GA, and throughout the surrounding communities, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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