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Crawlspace ConversionIt can be extremely exciting to finally decide to convert your old crawlspace into a new finished basement, but it is important to remember that this is also a significant investment. In addition to the cost associated with this major home renovation, crawlspace conversion will require time and patience from the homeowner, while the construction project is under way. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we fully understand what it takes to convert a basement, and our foundation contractors and structural engineering department work closely with our customers to make the process as relatively painless as possible. With the right expectations and a clear mindset, turning that neglected space under your home into a beautiful living space is a viable option for many homeowners.

Understandably, one of the first questions that we hear from homeowners considering basement conversion is about the cost. The long answer is that the specific cost of the project varies widely from home to home depending on the size of the project and the specific expectations of the customer. Crawlspace conversion is a major home renovation that will require an experienced engineer to develop a plan for the conversion, a full team of knowledgeable foundation contractors to perform the construction, and the requisite building permits to certify the project. In short, converting a crawlspace to a basement is a long-term investment that may not be right for everyone.

That said, at Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we work hard to make the entire process as cost effective as possible for our customers. For starters, because we have an in-house structural engineering team overseeing every aspect of the foundation installation, we are able to warranty the design as well as our materials and labor. We also take great pride in always beating our local competitors’ prices so you know you are getting the best value in town, and we offer 12 months financing same as cash. But perhaps the most notable advantage of crawlspace conversion is the return on investment. By adding a basement to your home, you can significantly upgrade its value, assure the structural integrity of your basement, and see a meaningful return on your investment.

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“Very happy with the recent work on my crawl space by ESOG. They were reliable and took the time to do the job right and left my basement cleaner than when they arrived. My crawl space has never been so dry, and my basement has lost the damp musty smell from before. Questions and any issues were answered and resolved immediately. Big shout out to ESOG!”

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“Great customer service! They were very accommodating trying to get the job done as quickly as possible due to me selling my house. I compared them to several other companies and their pricing and honesty is what made me hire them.”

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