House Leveling for Homes in Atlanta, Georgia & Surrounding Areas

House levelingIf you’ve begun to notice cracks in your foundation, walls, or ceilings, plumbing problems such as slow drainage or backups, or doors that don’t open or close properly, a potential cause for these issues could be a serious problem such as an uneven foundation. In some cases, a sagging or structurally weak foundation is best repaired with a house leveling solution, in which the necessary parts of your home are propped up while the foundation underneath is leveled and repaired.

Whether you need to have a level subfloor installed or an unlevel basement is causing you trouble, we also offer basement floor leveling. Our other home leveling services include concrete leveling and floor leveling.

Don’t hesitate and let a potentially minor problem turn into a major headache – contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. We can provide a free foundation inspection and estimate to determine if house leveling is needed to fix your home foundation repair problem.
We will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home, looking for floor sagging, wall and window cracks, and uneven patches of land, among other things
  • Explain the problem to you in detail so that you can make an informed decision
  • Compile a written plan of action
  • Provide you with a cost estimate

House leveling is a highly technical solution that may be required to fix certain foundation problems. Don’t let just any foundation repair company work on such an important part of your home. Trust Engineered Solutions to help you assess any foundation issues you might be having and to help you decide if house leveling is truly the best course of action.

Contact one of our foundation contractors today to learn more about house leveling as well as our additional structural repair services, or to schedule a free assessment and consultation for your Atlanta area home.