An Ideal Slab Lifting Solution for Vinings, GA, Homes

A lifted slab of sidewalkIf a concrete slab on your driveway, patio, or pool deck has sunk, slab lifting service from a reputable contractor is in order. The challenge comes in not only choosing from among your area’s contractors but also knowing enough about their slab lifting methods in order to decide which one is best for your situation. No doubt, your budget will be a primary consideration in your choices of products and services. If you’re like other homeowners in Vinings, Georgia, you’ll want a cost-effective concrete leveling method, and that’s what Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers with our polylifting services.

ESOG Specializes in Polylift Systems

Polylifting works similarly to the traditional method called mudjacking, however, it’s more efficient and yields superior results. First, the drill holes required in a polylift system are smaller than with mudjacking, making polylifting a less invasive option. It also uses polyurethane foam instead of grout. This foam cures much faster than grout, which reduces the time you have to wait before walking or driving on the newly leveled surface. Once it has hardened, the polyurethane foam is water resistant, which means it won’t erode over time like grout often does.

Honest Solutions for Homeowners

As a foundation repair and ground remediation company committed to delivering honest solutions, we believe that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That means any solution our team devises will be based on providing the most cost-effective repair specific to your foundation and soil conditions in Vinings, GA. Furthermore, if you can address your problem without having to pay for our services, we will certainly tell you so. If you would like more details about our slab lifting services, contact Engineered Solutions today to schedule a consultation.

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