Professional Slab Lifting Services for Homeowners in Vinings, GA

A lifted slab of sidewalkWell-compacted soil provides stability for your home’s foundation. When soil expands and contracts depending on the amount of water it has absorbed, the movement can cause sidewalks, walkways, stoops, and patios to buckle, sink, or sag. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we offer Vinings homeowners slab lifting services as a lasting solution for unlevel concrete slabs. We use a method called polylifting, which is far better than the traditional method known as mudjacking.

Polylifting Is a Long-Term Solution for Sunken Concrete Slabs

Like mudjacking, polylifting involves injecting a substance underground to lift concrete. Whereas mudjacking uses a cementitious grout that is prone to erosion, polylifting uses a polyurethane foam that’s impervious to erosion. With mudjacking, the grout can wash away over time, which would cause the concrete slab to sink again. With poly lifting, voids under the slab will stay filled, providing solid support so that it stays level and stable for the long term. To give you even more confidence in Engineered Solutions of Georgia’s slab lifting services, we back our work with a comprehensive warranty.

Honest Solutions for Homeowners

As a foundation repair company committed to delivering honest solutions, we believe that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Any solution we devise will be based on providing the most cost-effective repair specific to your soil conditions in Vinings, GA. And, if your problem can be addressed without having to pay for our services, we will certainly tell you that. For more information about our slab lifting services, contact Engineered Solutions today to schedule a consultation.

“These guys did good work at my house. They will stand by their work. If I ever have another foundation issue, they will be the first ones I call.”

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