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A home's concrete slab drivewayOne of the most common techniques for lifting sunken concrete slabs on driveways and patios is called mudjacking, but this slab lifting method has a few shortcomings. First, it can create a major mess. That’s because mudjacking involves pumping a concrete slurry under the slab to lift and stabilize concrete. This slurry contains mud and other materials that can cause staining or streaking, which can result in a driveway or patio that requires deep cleaning with a pressure washer. More importantly, the slurry can expand or contract when temperatures fluctuate, which means that as the slurry moves, so does the slab. Not only that, but mudjacking slurry can erode over time and can cause the slab to sink again. At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we offer Virginia-Highland, GA, homeowners a superior alternative.

Polylifting Is a Long-Term Solution for Sunken Concrete Slabs

At ESOG, our slab lifting method is known as polylifting. Like mudjacking, polylifting involves injecting a substance underground to lift concrete. The difference is polylifting uses a polyurethane foam that requires fewer injection holes. As a result, this process is neater and less invasive than mudjacking. Also, mudjacking slurry is prone to erosion, and polylifting foam is impervious to erosion. With poly lifting, voids under the slab will stay filled, providing solid support so that it stays level and stable for the long term.

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Unlike what you may find at the average foundation repair company serving the Virginia-Highland, GA, area, only experienced company employees perform our slab lifting services, so you can count on receiving quality work. Plus, for our customers’ peace of mind, we can back our work with a Triple Protection Warranty that can covers materials, labor, and design. To schedule a consultation, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today.

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