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Structural Engineer Brookhaven GAA structural engineer is a building professional that specializes in the structural components of a building—the “bones and muscles,” as they are often called in the industry. In some respects, a structural engineer is similar to an architect. Whereas architects are often most concerned with the aesthetics of a building, structural engineers focus on things like the strength and durability of the materials that will be used in constructing the building. They concentrate on how much force the building will be able to withstand in the face of natural disasters, weather, erosion, and so forth. Homeowners are often required to hire a structural engineer when building an addition on their houses or when doing significant construction projects such as in-depth foundation repair.

Since 2007, Engineered Solutions of Georgia has been providing reliable structural engineered services to residents throughout the Brookhaven, Georgia, area. As a specialty construction company, we offer a variety of services ranging from basement waterproofing to foundation repair. Our team of geotechnical specialists brings more than 150 years of combined industry experience to every project they take on, and our in-house structural engineers offer expert guidance that other foundation repair companies simply can’t provide. Additionally, projects that are overseen by our structural engineers are backed by our rock-solid triple warranty that covers labor, materials, and design. When you partner with us for a project, you can rest easy knowing that the job was done properly and that your investment is projected for the long haul.

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