Looking to Hire a Structural Engineer in the Kennesaw, GA, Area?

Structural Engineer Kennesaw GAThere are many situations that might require you to hire a structural engineer. For instance, if you’re experiencing major issues with your home’s foundation, you’ll probably need to consult with a structural engineer on how to best go about repairing it. Or, if you’d like to perform a major home renovation that will entail removing a load-bearing wall, guidance from a structural engineer will be absolutely necessary—not only to preserve the structural integrity of your home, but also to ensure the safety of anyone who lives inside. Even if you want to build a freestanding structure such as a detached garage, your town or municipality might require a structural engineer to sign off on the project plans.

When homeowners in Kennesaw and the surrounding area need a structural engineer, they routinely turn to the professionals at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Since 2007, we’ve provided area residents with a wide range of structural engineering services including: 

  • Guidance with home additions and other specialty construction projects
  • Various foundation repair techniques, including underpinning, piering, and piling
  • Tieback installation and soil wall nailing
  • Interior basement waterproofing
  • Concrete leveling and poly-lift systems

When you partner with Engineered Solutions of Georgia for structural engineering services, not only will you benefit from our team’s 125 years of combined industry experience, but your project will also be covered by our comprehensive triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor. Whether you’re in need of reparative services such as foundation work or basement waterproofing, or are planning a beautiful new addition for your Kennesaw-area home, we would be happy to assist you.

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“After working with all the other contractors for repairs on my home, these guys were by far the best and most reliable, professional company I’ve worked with. They were professional and answered ALL my questions immediately. I had foundation repairs which were completed within the time frame they allotted for. No extra expenses. The estimate was on point. Very impressive.”

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“Installed piers to support our sagging foundation. They were timely, professional, and got the job done. Reasonably priced, and easy to work with. Thank you.”

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