Structural Engineering Services for Alpharetta, GA, Residents

Structural Engineering Alpharetta GA

There are many home improvement projects that require input from a structural engineer. Such projects include adding a second story to your home, removing a load-bearing wall, making extensive repairs to your home’s foundation, and adding a major home addition. If you live in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area and you’re planning such a project, you can turn with confidence to the professionals at Engineered Solutions of Georgia for structural engineering services. For more than a decade, we’ve proudly served homeowners throughout the area, providing high-quality products, expert installations, and unparalleled customer care every step of the way. 

A Wide Range of Structural Engineering Services

Our in-house team of geotechnical specialists has extensive experience performing a number of structural engineering services, including:

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners throughout the Alpharetta area have chosen to partner with us for structural engineering services is because we offer a rock-solid triple warranty that covers materials, labor, and design. This is an incredible level of protection for your investment and will provide you with total peace of mind that the work we’ve done will last for the long haul. That’s just one of the many differences that set us apart from other structural engineering companies in the area.

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“After working with all the other contractors for repairs on my home, these guys were by far the best and most reliable, professional company I’ve worked with. They were professional and answered ALL my questions immediately. I had foundation repairs which were completed within the time frame they allotted for. No extra expenses. The estimate was on point. Very impressive.”

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