Structural Engineering Services for Homeowners in Sandy Springs, GA

Structural Engineering Sandy Springs GA

If you’re planning to make major structural changes to your home, such as putting on an addition or adding an entire second story, you will need to hire a structural engineer. Even interior renovation projects that entail knocking down load-bearing walls require structural engineering expertise, as do major foundation repairs such as having helical piers installed.

As the premier specialty home improvement company serving the Sandy Springs area, Engineered Solutions of Georgia provides reliable structural engineering services to homeowners who are planning to make major structural changes to their house or who are experiencing serious foundations problems. We employ a team of licensed structural engineering professionals who can work with you to ensure that your home renovation project is successful or devise a lasting solution to the foundation issues you are having.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Foundation underpinning
  • Installing piers and piles
  • Installing helical tiebacks
  • Building retaining walls

When you partner with us for structural engineering services, you’ll benefit from our ironclad triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor, so you can have total peace of mind in your investment. In addition to structural engineering services, we also offer specialty home improvement services such as interior basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, mudjacking, and carbon fiber support system installation.

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