Professional Sump Pump Installation Available for Decatur, GA, Homeowners

Sump Pump Installation Decatur GAIf your home’s basement or crawl space is located below the water table level, you will likely need a sump pump to properly waterproof your basement and keep your home and belongings safe from water damage. When it comes time for a replacement pump or sump pump installation for new construction, Engineered Solutions is the company you can count on.

Sump Pump Installation Process

When you turn to Engineered Solutions for a sump pump, our foundation experts will perform a complimentary assessment of your basement or crawl space and then get to work installing the best sump pump solution for your residence. We start by cutting a hole in the basement floor or excavating part of the crawl space, and then lining the hole with a fabric material. We then install the sump pump and finish the area to ensure it looks flawless. Finally, we hook up a battery charge to allow your pump to run during power outages.

Advantages of Our Sump Pumps

Turning to us for sump pump installation ensures that you will receive a product that is second to none in the industry. Our sump pumps:

  • Are capable of removing up to 2,100 gallons of water per hour
  • Come equipped with a battery backup that pumps up to 13,000 gallons of water on a single charge
  • Recharge quickly with wall power after a power outage or shortage
  • Can be easily serviced thanks to removable lids

To learn more about our sump pump installation services or the benefits of our impressive products, contact Engineered Solutions today. Discover for yourself how we have become one of the most trusted basement waterproofing and foundation repair companies in the Decatur, GA, area.

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