Expert Sump Pump Installation Service for Sandy Springs, GA, Residents

Sump Pump Sandy Springs GA

Homeowners in Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas can turn with confidence to the waterproofing professionals at Engineered Solutions of Georgia for sump pump installation service. Sump pump systems are used to remove standing water after a flood, as well as to prevent water from collecting in a basement or crawlspace and causing water damage. Submersible sump pumps are installed in the ground, within a dugout called a “sump pit.”

Having a Sump Pump System Installed

When you partner with us to have a sump pump installed at your home, our foundation experts will start by performing a complimentary assessment of your basement or crawl space. Once we’ve decided which sump pump system will best address the drainage issues you are having, we’ll begin the installation process, which entails:

  • Cutting a sump pit in your basement floor or crawl space
  • Lining the sump pit with a durable fabric material
  • Backfilling the pit with clean #57 drainage stone
  • Installing a primary sump pump and a battery back-up to allow your sump pump system to run even during power outages
  • Covering the sump pit with a lid that can be easily removed for servicing

Our top-of-the-line sump pump systems are capable of removing up to 2,100 gallons of water per hour, and the battery backup can pump up to 13,000 gallons of water on a single charge, so even in the face of a heavy flood, you can rest assured your home is protected.

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“ESOG did a terrific job installing a new drainage system, sump pump basin, and battery backup unit in the crawlspace of my house. ESOG’s experience, knowledge, and patience with answering my many questions led me to choose them. I have not been disappointed with ESOG’s work or service. Since the installation, my home has experienced quite a few heavy, multi-day rainstorms, and the drainage system has performed flawlessly. I highly recommend them!”

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