Learn About the Best Crawlspace Waterproofing Methods for Homes in Atlanta, GA

Best Crawlspace Waterproofing Methods Atlanta Waterproofing the crawlspace of your home in the Atlanta area can be a valuable investment. Due to the loose soils found in the region, sudden shifts in the ground are common, which can result in foundation settling or worse, cracking. In addition, crawlspaces are often exposed to soils, which can lead to damp, moldy crawlspaces that are the perfect place for pests to thrive. Having your crawlspace waterproofed is the ideal way to combat these issues, but which is the best method?

Crawlspace Dehumidifiers

Crawlspace dehumidifiers are simple, cost-effective solutions for damp crawlspaces. They absorb warm, damp air, which then passes through cool refrigerant coils. Once the air passes through the coils, it condenses, and the excess water collects in a basin, which must be emptied every couple of days by the homeowners. This is an effective method for homeowners who are experiencing dampness and musty smells in their crawlspaces.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

While dehumidifiers are sensible waterproofing solutions for some homeowners, the most effective waterproofing method is undoubtedly crawlspace encapsulation. This process usually includes:

  • Fixing cracks or weak points in the foundation with a polyurethane material
  • Sealing off the foundation and crawlspace from the surrounding soils
  • Installing a water drainage system to re-route any water that may enter the crawlspace
  • Adding a dehumidifier for maximum waterproofing results

Let Engineered Solutions Waterproof Your Crawlspace

If you live in the Atlanta, GA, area and require crawlspace waterproofing services, then you can place your trust in Engineered Solutions. Our crawlspace encapsulation services are second to none in the industry, and we’ll ensure that you receive a lasting solution that is catered to your home and needs. To learn more, contact Engineered Solutions today.

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