To Have Professionals Waterproof the Foundation of Your Atlanta, GA, Home, Come to Engineered Solutions of Georgia

Waterproof Foundation Atlanta GAHomeowners who want to waterproof the foundation of their Atlanta, Georgia, residences will want to rely on a knowledgeable company. As a specialty construction company, Engineered Solutions of Georgia knows the most effective products and methods to use for any type of foundation waterproofing.

The decision to waterproof your home’s foundation can have numerous benefits. Atlanta, for instance, is known for its frequent rainfalls, particularly during the summer. If your home’s foundation remains unprotected from excess water, it could:

  • Increase the chances of your home having a wet basement, potentially endangering your possessions
  • Cause your home to be more vulnerable to flooding
  • Make the inside of your home more humid, causing it to feel too hot during the summer
  • Lead to unsightly water stains and troublesome leaks

Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help you avoid the issues that come with having excess moisture in your home by using our employees’ 120+ years of combined experience to waterproof your foundation. One of the benefits of choosing Engineered Solutions of Georgia is that in addition to having a knowledgeable staff, we offer a triple protection warranty that covers workmanship, materials, and design, while typical contractors only offer warranties covering workmanship and material.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing Engineered Solutions of Georgia to waterproof the foundation of your Atlanta, GA, home contact us today. We’d be happy to tell you more about our premium warranty and explain the other services we specialize in.