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Waterproofing Companies Marietta GAChoosing the right waterproofing company can be a daunting task for anyone. After all, whoever you choose will be in charge of ensuring that your property and your family are protected from the dangers excess water can cause. In order to guarantee you’ll be getting the best service for your home, forget about other waterproofing companies in Marietta, Georgia, and turn to Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Companies

There are many factors that distinguish Engineered Solutions of Georgia from similar waterproofing contractors. One of these factors is our highly knowledgeable staff. While many waterproofing companies can also claim to have skilled employees, not many can say they have an on-staff structural engineer like we do. Not only does having  a licensed engineer mean that we understand the science behind our repairs, but it also allows us to offer a triple protection warranty, covering workmanship, materials, and design, whereas typical waterproofing companies only  cover workmanship and materials.

Our Waterproofing Services

Depending on your needs, our foundation repair and waterproofing experts may recommend different services. For instance, when it comes to waterproofing, we can complete:

  • Basement waterproofing
    • Interior drain systems
    • Exterior drain systems
    • Polyurethane injections
  • Crawlspace waterproofing
    • Crawlspace drainage
    • Encapsulation
    • Dehumidification 
    • Crawlspace to basement conversion

To learn more about the services Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers to homeowners throughout Marietta, GA, and to see for yourself why we’re among the area’s top waterproofing companies, contact us today.

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“Very professional and courteous. They kept me informed before, during, and after the project. I would recommend them to anyone that needs affordable and professional foundation work. I have good pictures of all of the work they completed and they ensured I was satisfied with the job when they were complete.”

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