Get Waterproofing Services in Marietta, GA, to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Waterproofing Marietta GAThere are many reasons to consider waterproofing your Marietta, Georgia, home. For example, excess moisture in a foundation or basement can affect your home in a variety of ways and lead to issues like water stains, messy leaks, and damaged wood. Additionally, too much moisture can cause high humidity in your home. Humidity makes it difficult to cool your house during the summer and causes you to have pricey energy bills.

In order to avoid the dangers and inconveniences of excessive moisture in a home, Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers Marietta residents several different waterproofing options:

  • Basement – To waterproof your basement, we may open a trench inside the basement and install a drainage system to direct water away from the home’s foundation
  • Crawlspace – When it comes to crawlspace waterproofing, we look for leaks and other signs of water damage and determine the source of the excess moisture. We may recommend installing a drainage system, dehumidifier, or sump pump.
  • Interior structures – Our experts can use powerful waterproofing sealants to close any cracks in walls, ceiling, floors, and windows that could allow water to get into your home.

To get an accurate diagnosis of whether your residence is at risk for water damage, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can send over one of our experts and complete a thorough, complimentary in-home estimate for any waterproofing services we recommend for you.

Contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today to learn more about how we can help you determine the right waterproofing options for your Marietta, GA, home. We’d love to answer any of your questions and tell you more about how we can protect your home from water damage.