What Is A French Drain?What Is A French Drain? Atlanta GA

A French drain is a water redirection system consisting of an earthen trench that typically contains a length of perforated pipe surrounded by gravel or rock. Most French drains that homeowners are familiar with are used to divert rainwater or groundwater away from a particular area – usually around the foundation of a home or other structure – and redistribute it a safe distance away. French drains are also common in areas such as backyards that are prone to flooding, where they are used to more evenly distribute rainwater throughout the yard.

A French drain typically contains a length of perforated, and usually corrugated, pipe that’s known as “weeping tile.” This pipe gets its name from the many small slits it has along the underside, which allow rainwater to slowly drain out of the pipe as it flows along. The gravel or rock that surrounds the pipe further helps distribute the water and also prevents soil from entering the pipe through the venting slits.

Partner with Engineered Solutions to Have a French Drain Installed

If the backyard at your Atlanta, Georgia, home regularly floods, or if you are looking for an effective way to safely divert rainwater runoff from your home’s foundation, a French drain may be an excellent solution. The ground engineering experts at Engineered Solution of Georgia have installed countless French drain systems throughout the southeastern United States and would be happy to help you assess and address any drainage or waterproofing problems you are experiencing.

To learn more about partnering with Engineered Solutions of Georgia to have a French drain or other water dispersal system installed at your home in Atlanta or a surrounding area, contact us today.

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