Why Polylifting Is Better Than Mudjacking

Broken sidewalk with big cracks Polylifting and mudjacking are two popular methods for lifting and leveling concrete sidewalks or driveways. While both of these are more cost-effective than removing and replacing the damaged concrete slab, polylifting offers significant advantages.

Mudjacking: A Closer Look

Mudjacking is the traditional slab repair method, and in most cases, it may cost less upfront. With traditional mudjacking, holes are first drilled into the sunken slab. Then, a mud-like grout is injected beneath the slab, lifting it back into place. The muddy grout mixture settles and hardens, requiring about 24 hours to fully cure. Although mudjacking has proven to be an effective concrete repair method, it does have shortcomings. The mudjacking process can create a huge mess, particularly when the grout overflows. Also, the grout is prone to erosion, which may cause the concrete slab to sink again.

Polylifting: The Better Alternative

Polylifting provides better value than mudjacking for several reasons. For one, it requires smaller injection holes, which means less disruption to the sunken slab. The polyurethane foam used in the process settles quickly, taking only about 15 minutes to cure, and any excess foam can be wiped away with ease. Most importantly, polyurethane foam:

  • Can support a load of more than 10,000 pounds
  • Will never lose density or shrink
  • Is impervious to erosion and insect infestation
  • Provides longer-lasting ground support than mudjacking grout

ESOG Offers Polylifting Services in Georgia

At Engineered Solutions of Georgia, we offer polylifting services to residents throughout the Peach State. To learn more about our services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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