Which Foundation Method Works for You?

Mar 23, 2018

The proper foundation will make your home safer, cost effective, and more livable. In buildings there are three types of foundations: basement, crawl space, and slab. Engineered Solutions of Georgia will create a customized plan to build your foundation based on ground conditions and your choice of building aesthetic using our own in-house engineering department.

Basements Give You Extra Space!

The first type of foundation is the basement. Basements are popular because they essentially give you another floor as an extruded crawl space. You may also convert your basement into a living space to make your man cave, children’s sleepover den, or workout room.

Basement foundations are necessary in colder climates to prevent the building from shifting during a frost cycle. Do you not have a basement? Do you suddenly want one? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then Engineered Solutions of Georgia can convert your crawl space into a basement!

A Crawl Space is better for Shallow Frost Lines

The second type of foundation is the appropriately named “crawl space.” A crawl space is a raised foundation that is usually no more than two feet high. Crawl spaces are less expensive options than digging out an entire basement and are used more in areas where the frost depth is shallower.

Crawl space floors are usually soil and provide access and egress to pipes and underground mechanics that one could not otherwise reach. If you are worried about critters or the cold getting in through your crawl space, Engineered Solutions of Georgia also provides a crawl space encapsulation service to keep your heating costs down and nature out.

Keep it Simple: Make it a Slab

Lastly, there is the slab foundation. Slab is used mainly with large-scale tract home builds, where each home is similar. Slab is concrete poured directly over the ground with pre-made perimeter footings. Enough soil to even the grade is removed to allow the concrete to pour evenly over the foundation.

Slab is the most cost-efficient way to put in a foundation because there is no cost for extra digging or extra space, plus the long-term costs of heating and cooling the additional area that is made by a basement or crawlspace are also eliminated.

Decided on Your Foundation? Get Started Now!

To get your dream home started right, you need the right foundation. Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the only in-house engineering department in the area, allowing us to provide professional soil analysis to be sure that Georgia’s typically soft alluvial soil can support your foundation for decades to come. Our director of engineering will make and oversee every step of a plan that gets you home safely, quickly, and as cost-effectively as possible.

Having our own in-house engineering department also allows us to provide triple warranty coverage on our designs, materials, and labor while cutting out extra costs to contract out these essential services. Get your home started with a strong foundation designed by the engineers at Engineered Solutions of Georgia!