Why You Should Waterproof Your Home in Georgia

Apr 06, 2017

waterproof your homeThere are few things more damaging to a Georgian home than the presence of unexpected moisture. Dangerous mold problems, foundation cracks and heart-breaking flood damage can all strike when you least expect it, leaving you with costly repairs, a huge mess on your hands and devastating property loss. Fortunately, the experts at Engineered Solutions of Georgia offer an alternative with both interior and exterior basement waterproofing services in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Duluth, Macon, Rome, Stone Mountain and throughout Georgia. Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand the effects of water damage as a result of Georgia’s regular rainfall, high humidity, and soft alluvial soil. We understand how quickly a basement can flood or mold can creep into the rafters. And we know that when it comes to waterproofing, time is a factor, and there is zero margin for error.

Water can enter a home in Georgia in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cracks in the floors or foundation
  • From a sweating or bleeding window
  • Through the basement walls or mortar joints
  • From over or under the basement footer
  • And more

At Engineered Solutions, we offer two kinds of basement waterproofing techniques: interior and exterior. With interior waterproofing, we build a concrete-sealed trench in your basement that collects water that would otherwise enter your basement. This water is then redirected back out of the home through a drain system, often with the assistance of a pump. Additionally, we utilize internal sealants to prevent further seepage.

Exterior waterproofing, on the other hand, prevents water from ever reaching your Georgian home in the first place. Our technicians excavate your foundation, clean the wall of the foundation, reroute the original foundation drain to ensure the water flows away from the house, and fill the area back in. While this is a more involved process than interior waterproofing, it is also more permanent and thorough waterproofing solution.

Waterproofing your basement is not to be taken lightly, so rather than risk water damage, let the experts at Engineered Solutions do the job right, the first time. We are proud to offer a free in-home estimate and quote for our services and answer any of the questions you might have. To learn more, call us today at 678-290-1325.