Engineered Solutions of Georgia specializes in many different repair services but one service that is especially important is driveway concrete repair. Our team of qualified professionals are able to come straight to your home and assess exactly what needs to be done to repair your driveway. With our excellent services, any damage to a driveway can be fixed in no time.

Reasons for concrete damage

Concrete is laid on top of soil in order for your concrete driveway to be leveled. As time goes by, the weather changes and sometimes takes a toll on the soil underneath your concrete slabs. Heavy rain and changes in the weather wash away the soil and have a tendency to make the ground expand and contract underneath the concrete slabs. All this movement in the soil tends to burden your concrete driveway and thus leaves you with damages for repair.

Possible Damages That May Occur to your Drivewayrepair concrete cracks

  1. Concrete cracking
  2. Uneven concrete
  3. Concrete sinking
  4. Concrete Corrosion

How we can fix your Damages

  1. Slabjacking
  2. Concrete Resurfacing

Our driveway concrete repair services can be used on all types of concrete. If you think your driveway could use our repair services, contact our professional engineers and experienced contractors today for a quote.