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Over time, concrete has a tendency to sink or settle, especially if the ground on which it sits is made of granular, loosely packed soil or if it contains a lot of moisture. When concrete sinks in a walkway or driveway, it can pose a tripping hazard or an unwelcome speed bump—which is bad enough—but when it happens to your home’s foundation, it can cause major structural problems. One of the best ways to address a sinking concrete slab is mudjacking. Also sometimes referred to as slabjacking or pressure grouting, mudjacking is a foundation repair technique that entails pumping a grout-like mixture of cement and water underneath a concrete slab to lift it back up to a level position.


Engineered Solutions of Georgia has provided reliable mudjacking services to homeowners throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area since 2007. With a team of geotechnical specialists and structural engineers that possess more than 125 years of combined industry experience, we are confident that we can provide you with a lasting solution to your needs, whether you require mudjacking for your foundation, driveway, sidewalk, or another area of your home.

In addition to traditional mudjacking, we also offer poly-lift systems. This ground-leveling technique works in much the same way as mudjacking, however, instead of a cement-like grout, we use an expanding polyurethane foam. Poly-lift systems are often a preferable alternative to traditional mudjacking because the polyurethane foam cures more quickly and stands up to erosion better than grout.

If you’d like to learn more about mudjacking, poly-lift systems, and other ground-leveling services we offer to homeowners in Atlanta and the surrounding communities, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today. We look forward to working with you!

“After working with all the other contractors for repairs on my home, these guys were by far the best and most reliable, professional company I’ve worked with. They were professional and answered ALL my questions immediately. I had foundation repairs which were completed within the time frame they allotted for. No extra expenses. The estimate was on point. Very impressive.”

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