The Foundation Repair Contractor That Smyrna, GA, Residents Trust

Foundation Repair Contractor Smyrna GAYour foundation has a lot riding on it. After all, it supports the entire structure of your house, from the walls and floors to the windows and doors—even your roof can suffer if your home’s foundation is damaged. If you’ve discovered cracks in your foundation, or you have other telltale signs of foundation damage such as windows and doors that are hard to open or close, it’s important to contact a foundation repair contractor right away. For homeowners in Smyrna, the choice is easy—contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Since 2006, we’ve been the foundation repair company that local homeowners turn to for all their foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs.

We Specialize in a Variety of Foundation Repair Techniques

The team at Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the knowledge and experience needed to address any concerns you have about your home’s foundation. One of the things that set us apart from other foundation repair contractors in the area is that we have an in-house structural engineering department that can assist with diagnosing your foundation damage and devising a lasting solution. Some of the most common products we utilize to repair foundations include:

  • Helical or resistance piers
  • Carbon fiber supports
  • Mid-span support posts
  • Helical tiebacks
  • Poly lift systems

As a full-service foundation repair company, these are only some of the many services we offer, and in some cases, a combination of techniques may be needed to address a home’s foundation issues.

To get started, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today and schedule a consultation at your Smyrna home. One of our specialists will be happy to provide you with an inspection to determine which foundation repair methods would be most appropriate for getting your home back on solid ground.