Reliable Foundation Repair Contractor Serving Vinings, GA, Residents

Foundation Repair Contractor Vinings GAThroughout much of the Vinings, Georgia, area, the soil is granular and loosely packed, making it more prone to shifting than denser soil structures. Loose soil also tends to expand more as it absorbs rainwater and contract more as the water evaporates. All of this movement within the soil can be extremely problematic for buildings in the area as it often leads to foundation damage. If you’ve noticed cracks in the foundation of your home, or if you can see that your foundation is sinking or settling unevenly in certain areas, turn to the professionals at Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Since 2006, we’ve been the leading foundation repair contractor in the Vinings area and we’ve helped countless homeowners get their homes back on solid ground.

Foundation Repair Services

As a full-service foundation repair contractor, we specialize in a number of foundation repair techniques, such as:

  • Installing helical piers – These large, metal screw-like piers are drilled into the soil around your home until they thread firmly into a solid substrate to provide your foundation with the support it needs.
  • Installing carbon fiber supports – These heavy-duty straps are made of carbon and Kevlar. They are affixed to the inside of your foundation walls using epoxy and anchored at the top and bottom to prevent the walls from bowing inward due to lateral pressure exerted by the surrounding soil structures.
  • Using a poly lift system – This method of foundation repair uses a quick-curing polyurethane foam which is pumped through holes in your basement floor and expands to fill the voids that have formed beneath your foundation.

In some cases, a combination of these techniques may be used to properly repair your foundation and prevent further sinking. To determine which method is right for your home, contact the foundation repair contractor that homeowners in Vinings and the surrounding communities have trusted since 2006—Engineered Solutions of Georgia.