Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Calhoun, GA

Calhoun home needing foundation repairYour home or business is a valued asset that you want to protect and preserve for years to come. A good way to do this is with foundation repair and basement waterproofing. Calhoun, GA residents have likely heard the terms “foundation damage” and “basement leak” at one point or another, as these occurrences plague structures in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

Over time, Georgia’s alluvial soil and humid climate can take their toll on building foundations, causing water intrusion and sagging, cracked or sloping floors and walls. Fortunately, Engineered Solutions offers a number of services to not only repair a building that is experiencing damage, but also to prevent damage from occurring in the future. These services include:

Our experienced team will come to your building and perform an assessment, completely free of charge. Oftentimes we will recommend a third party “engineer advocate” to help us design the most effective repair plan. At Engineered Solutions, we are committed to providing superior customer service – which is why we make every effort to ensure you have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. When it comes to something as serious as the safety and value of your home or business, can you afford to lack information?
Contact Engineered Solutions today at 678-290-1325 to hear more about the variety of foundation repair and waterproofing services we offer to homes and businesses in Calhoun, Douglasville, and throughout Georgia.