Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Vinings, GA

Vinings home foundation repairFoundation damage can present itself in a number of ways: from cracks on the exterior of your house, to sloping or slanted floors to leaks and separations in trim. And although these signs may appear minor at first, they can be indicative of a much larger problem occurring below the first floor of your house or business.

If you live in Vinings, GA, the Atlanta area, or almost anywhere in the southeast, chances are you know someone who has experienced foundation problems, or you will experience them yourself at some point. Engineered Solutions has a trusted staff with a combined experience of over 30 years in correcting existing foundation problems and performing preventive measures to avoid future problems. Our skilled employees are dedicated to excellent customer service and ethical business practices, so we believe in educating the customer on all aspects of foundation repair and basement waterproofing. To make sure our customers are as informed as possible, we will send a team to your home to perform an inspection and consultation free of charge, and we can even recommend a 3rd party engineer to further assess the situation and prescribe a repair plan.

Engineered Solutions is proud to offer expert foundation repair and waterproofing services, including:

Your home is or business is an investment, and you want to ensure it remains protected and holds its value for years to come. If you think you home is in need of foundation repair, don’t trust just anyone for the job – an inexperienced contractor will often perform a hasty repair which may only temporarily fix the problem or can create a bigger problem in the future. For more information on foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Vinings, GA or anywhere in Georgia or the southeast, contact Engineered Solutions today.

“Very professional and courteous. They kept me informed before, during, and after the project. I would recommend them to anyone that needs affordable and professional foundation work. I have good pictures of all of the work they completed and they ensured I was satisfied with the job when they were complete.”

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