Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Decatur, GA

Decatur home needs foundation repairThe southeastern United States region is known for damp, humid climates and large amounts of rainfall. Unfortunately, this kind of environment can be extremely tough on one of the most important aspects of your home’s structural integrity – the foundation. Luckily, for homeowners in need of foundation repair and waterproofing in Decatur, Georgia, across the Atlanta area, and beyond, Engineered Solutions of Georgia is proud to offer the services you need to keep your home strong. Our prompt, courteous, and highly skilled team can inspect your foundation or basement for free and help you decide on an efficient course of action for any foundation repair or waterproofing services you might need.

The variety of waterproofing and foundation repair services we provide includes:

Don’t let other foundation repair contractors try to sell you on an expensive solution you don’t need. Trust our experienced team to help you select a repair or waterproofing solution that is reliable and reasonably priced. We can help you repair any current problems – as well as prevent future ones from occurring – and keep your home sturdy and strong for years to come.

For more information on any of the services we offer in Decatur, Georgia, throughout the Atlanta area, and beyond, contact Engineered Solutions today.

“Everyone was professional, from the estimator to the workers who pumped the concrete. My worry was the heating and air conditioning ducts also in the slab. They monitored the ductwork with cameras during the operation to ensure concrete did not ooze into the ductwork. I was a Nervous Nelly during the procedure and the guys were so professional and reassuring. Great job!”

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“We needed to replace structural supports and reinforce the floors in the basement of our 1920s home. It was an extensive job, and ESOG came highly recommended by our home inspector and another contractor I trust. We had an excellent experience. The team performing the work was excellent. They worked so hard, stayed on task, kept us informed, and were tidy and neat. They were also polite and friendly. Our whole experience exceeded expectations in every way.”

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