The Importance of Foundation Inspection in Atlanta, Georgia

Importance of Foundation InspectionOne of the worst things you can do if you discover a crack, hole, leak or any other kind of damage is to wait to schedule a foundation inspection by a qualified foundation expert. While a small imperfection in your foundation may seem like a minor problem, if the foundation is beginning to deteriorate, you have little time to waste. Fortunately, the trusted foundation contractors at Engineered Solutions of Georgia are here to serve our neighbors in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta, Duluth, Decatur and throughout Georgia.

The reason that scheduling a foundation inspection is so important is because a recently developed crack can indicate the resettlement of the foundation, which is relatively common in Georgia. Over time, the soil that supports the foundation can wash away, removing the support structure for the home. The result is that the foundation sinks or settles, putting strain on the home and causing cracks, leaks and other forms of foundation deterioration to occur. Basement flooding and other major damage often accompanies this damage, further exacerbating your problem.

However, the news isn’t always that dire. Damage in your home can be caused by a number of reasons, including the natural flex or extension of the building materials. In this case, minor repair is all that is needed to cover up the crack.

To help you better understand the cause of the damage to your home, Engineered Solutions of Georgia offers our customers a free on-site estimate after completing a comprehensive foundation inspection. If foundation restoration is required, we’re able to get the process started quickly, saving you precious time. If foundation deterioration isn’t to blame, then you can put your fears at ease and we can help you make the necessary repairs immediately.

In addition to conducting a foundation inspection, our highly experienced contractors offer a number of popular services, including:

To schedule your complimentary at-home foundation inspection and estimate, contact Engineered Solutions of Georgia today – there’s no reason to delay.

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