Basement Waterproofing Techniques to Keep Atlanta, Georgia & Beyond Dry

basement-waterproofing-techniquesAs technology improves, so do basement waterproofing techniques. With stronger, safer homes being built in the last forty years, many problems that caused home builders headaches a century ago are no longer an issue. This is not the case with basement waterproofing, however. Homebuilders of the past didn’t have the proper materials or equipment to properly protect your home from water damage, and the need for aggressive basement waterproofing techniques hasn’t diminished. This fact is especially damaging to areas in the southeastern United States like Atlanta and all of Georgia, where the climate is extremely humid, with high levels of precipitation. Fortunately engineers and foundation repair specialists have devised several basement waterproofing techniques that will protect your home from costly and stressful flooding and water damage.

In Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond, the soil is already heavily saturated by excess water, meaning that when a heavy rain blows in, there is an increase in water pressure on the walls and floors of homes. The resulting cracks allow water to seep into your basement, where it will remain without proper redirection, leading to basement flooding. Internal waterproofing is one of our most effective basement waterproofing techniques and it is often the first step towards a functional waterproofing system. It will redirect water out of your home once the water pushes its way through pressure cracks. Other internal basement waterproofing techniques include regular maintenance of your drain. Make sure there are no roots, branches, garbage, or other obstructions blocking your floor drain by checking it at least annually.

Internal sealants are often helpful, but they do not cure flooding issues. Applied to walls and floors or other areas prone to leaking and flooding, these polymer-based coatings can prevent water from entering your home for many years, usually in combination with other sure-fire basement waterproofing techniques. Especially when leaking and flooding is occurring due to soil pressures and excess water levels, the issue is not necessarily keeping water out as much as it is diverting the moisture build-up around your home. Combining these internal basement waterproofing techniques can prevent leaks, flooding, and the ensuing water damage.

Read more about our basement waterproofing service, and call us today to speak with one of our foundation contractors and find out what option is best for your home in the highly humid areas of Atlanta, Georgia and beyond.

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