Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing Services Available for Atlanta, GA, Homeowners

Waterproofing Atlanta GAThere are two main types of basement waterproofing services – exterior and interior. Engineered Solutions is proud to offer both of these services to homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. While both are effective at keeping water out of your basement, the methodology and processes behind each are slightly different. So, deciding which service will work better for your situation is a good place to start.

Basement Waterproofing from the Inside

Interior basement waterproofing solutions are typically employed as a remedial measure to remove existing water from your basement and prevent further damage to your home and belongings. We start the process by digging a trench inside your basement that runs parallel to the affected area. Our skilled technicians then install a drainage system in the trench that carries water out of your basement and to a designated area someplace outside, safely away from your home. We then fill in the trench with new concrete or soil and finish the area to ensure your basement is dry and looking like new.

Basement Waterproofing from the Outside

Exterior waterproofing is often used as more of a preventative measure to ensure that water never enters your home through your foundation. This process is a bit more involved than interior waterproofing and requires excavation on the outside of your foundation, down to the same level as the basement floor. We replace your old drainage system and reroute the new one to successfully move water away from your home.

Engineered Solutions can perform both of these services for homeowners in the Atlanta, GA, area, utilizing a level of craftsmanship and expertise that is virtually unrivaled in the industry. To learn more about the interior and exterior basement waterproofing services we offer, contact us today.