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If you are in search of an effective way to divert rainwater and other runoff away from the foundation of your home in the Atlanta area, a French drain might be just what you need. And there’s no better company to turn to for French drain installation than Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Since 2007, we’ve been the premier specialty home improvement company in the Atlanta area, serving homeowners throughout the southeast. Read on to learn more about French drains and how having one installed can help protect your home and property from water damage.

What Is a French Drain System?

French drains are commonly utilized water redirection systems that can be installed relatively easily. They are most commonly used to prevent backyards or other areas from flooding. First, a trench is dug from the area that is prone to flooding to the area you wish to have the water redirected. Next, a length of perforated pipe known as “weeping tile” is placed in the trench. Around the weeping tile, the trench is filled in with gravel or rock which helps to distribute the water as it runs out of the slits in the weeping tile. This gravel also stops soil from entering the weeping tile through its venting slits and clogging it up.

Can You Install a French Drain Yourself?

While some homeowners may be the do-it-yourself type, others prefer to leave a home improvement project of this magnitude to the professionals. That’s where Engineered Solutions of Georgia comes in. Our expert team has installed countless French drain systems throughout the southeast and we would be more than happy to assist with your project. What’s more, when you partner with us for French drain installation, we’ll back our work with a triple warranty that covers materials, design, and labor.

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