Do You Need Concrete Slab Repair?

Jun 28, 2017

If you are dealing with a damaged concrete slab or cracked foundation, Engineered Solutions of Georgia can help get you back on solid ground. We use a highly advanced poly lift system that showcases the best in modern engineering and uses affordable and cutting-edge technology to offer you a lifetime of support.

Expert Diagnosis

Our system starts with a thorough assessment that will determine the cause of damage and diagnose the status of the soil beneath your concrete slab. This soil is typically crack in home foundation that needs repairthe source of major damage. Over time, changing weather conditions, erosion and other forces of nature can take their toll and destabilize foundations, causing your concrete slab to settle and crack. Luckily, our experts can restore stability by restoring the integrity of the soil beneath your foundation.

Quick and Precise Repairs

We use a common sense approach to repairs, which means that your concrete slab can be back in commission in just one day. After the site has been evaluated, our experts will drill 3/8 inch holes in strategic positions. These holes will allow our experts to inject Precision Lift foam, which will fill in voids, strengthen the soil and return the slab to a level position. Our specially engineered system is so accurate that your concrete slab can be adjusted by 1/10 of an inch at a time. We will slowly and deliberately lift your slab so that you don’t have to worry about repairs down the road.

Experience the Poly Lift Difference

Repair dangerous cracks and level out uneven surfaces with our quick and affordable Poly Lift System. If you truly want to address the cause of your damaged or uneven concrete slab and not just apply a temporary bandage, then you have to find the source. Our system offers a lasting solution because it gets right to the root of the problem by stabilizing and strengthening the soil beneath the slab. By using innovative Poly Lift foam, we can restore your concrete slab in no time.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We also have a commitment to providing superior customer service. Once your concrete slab has been repaired, we will thoroughly clean the site and meet with you to review the job and ensure complete customer satisfaction. After we pack up and leave, the only sign that we were ever there will be your newly repaired concrete slab. We won’t call a job finished until you have given it your personal stamp of approval.

A Step above the Competition

Other comprehensive solutions may also cost you more time and money. You could opt for a complete replacement, but imagine the time and mess involved with taking on such a big project. It will require days of demolition and installation and general inconvenience. Traditional mudjack systems also lift the slab and fill in voids, but this requires more heavy equipment and uses concrete fillers. Why not go beyond concrete and opt for a more powerful and long-lasting material that can be injected without using invasive equipment?

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and long lasting solution to your concrete slab repair needs, then Engineered Solutions of Georgia has the obvious choice for you. We pride ourselves on using technology to perform true feats of artistry. While we might deal with concrete and Poly Fill foam, we approach each project with the eye of an artist and the precision of a surgeon. Contact us today to discuss your concrete slab project and learn more about the difference our Poly Lift System can make. We look forward to hearing from you!