Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Techniques

Mar 29, 2018

WaterproofingLeaks in the foundation and basement, if not taken care of, only become worse with time. Therefore, it is important that you address these issues immediately. When the integrity of your home structure becomes compromised by leaks you will know it is time to have it waterproofed. The methods that are used for waterproofing require the expertise of skilled professionals, such as those from Engineered Solutions of Georgia.

Interior Waterproofing or Exterior Waterproofing?

When the point of leakage cannot be accessed from the exterior due to space restriction, interior waterproofing is the solution. Foundation leaks are not always the cause of leaks in your basement, as it could be caused by hydrostatic pressure. This is where the water underneath the concrete keeps rising, falling, and penetrating the slabs. With external excavation, some of these problems can be solved.

On the other hand, exterior waterproofing helps eliminate deterioration which would occur to your foundation walls. Experts recommend waterproofing the basement from an external part as it helps in addressing the water problem from its source. It usually requires excavation and the depth of excavation depends on elevation of the property.

Waterproofing Techniques We Offer

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are the only company that has an engineering team for in-house repair. Our professionals will design a comprehensive plan that addresses your foundation issues. We are able to investigate the integrity of your foundation to help determine the best technique to solve the current issue.

Sealants are used internally to prevent water damage and seepage. It does not prevent flooding but helps to close the holes in the floors, ceilings, and walls. This is a guaranteed technique when combined with our other methods.

The external techniques for preventing water from getting into your basement. In these techniques, installation of foot drains is done to lead water from the property preventing seepage into the walls, cracks, and floors.

Another external method is the installation of sump pump. Sump pumps pull water far from your foundation. This will all depend on your soil water level, flooding, and rain water frequency.

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